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What We Do

We are data, analytics, and technology geeks who want to make the world a better place.

Inspired and motivated by our work in the Analytics team at the Obama Campaign, we are now focused on creating state of the art digital tools for social good organizations. Our goal is to make sure every social good organization - non-profits, advocacy groups and charities - has the best, easy-to-use, and effective analytics and technology tools and we are working hard towards that!

Our first product, Targeted Sharing, transformed how the Obama Campaign used social media and social networks. It now has the potential to change how non-profits, charities, advocacy groups, and other social good organizations use the power of social networks to do everything - including fundraising, volunteer engagement, digital organizing and advocacy, and content sharing.

How does it work?

We found that trusted friends are more likely to convince people to take some action than the same message coming from a large, non-personal organization. At the core of our product are our machine learning based intelligent targeting and influence models that can make that insight actionable at scale.

We ask their clients' supporters to authorize us to access their Facebook social graph. Our algorithms churn through all that data, apply our statistical models, and compile a prioritized list of their friends that are ideal targets for different types of asks (fundraising, volunteering, content sharing, advocacy, etc.). This list is presented to the supporters through various channels such as the web, facebook, and email. The supporters then share this content with them, causing their friends to take the desired action from the content, resulting in improved outcomes for our clients.

We're currently in pilots with a select group of clients and launching publicly soon.

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The Team

Rayid Ghani

Rayid Ghani
Chief Scientist, Obama 2012 Campaign
Research Director at University of Chicago
Machine Learning Expert

Matthew Rattigan
Lead Scientist for Targeted Sharing - Obama Campaign
PhD in Social Networks & Machine Learning

Kit Rodolfa
Analytics Lead for Digital Fundraising & Organizing - Obama Campaign

Japhy Bartlett
Software Developer

John Corrigan
Director of Sales

Jesse London
Software Developer


Mark Rogers
Software Developer

JP Schneider


Recent Blog Posts

We’re hiring: Looking for UI/Front End Engineer, Backend Engineer, and Product Manager

Edgeflip is hiring! If you are passionate about building state-of-the art technology and data analytics tools, and want to make a social impact, email us at

We’re looking for:

  • Front-End/UI Engineer
  • Backend Engineer
  • Product Manager

Edgeflip is an analytics startup founded by members of the Obama Campaign Analytics team focused on helping non-profits, charities, and other social-good organizations with data, analytics, and technology. Our first product is a social media analytics tool that allows social good organizations to turn their supporters into influencers and advocates.

UI/Front-end Developer

We’re looking for a UI Developer/Engineer who has a strong design, user experience, and development background and an interest in making a social impact. Ideal candidates will have significant hands-on experience in building large and complex front end UI for responsive web applications. Other requirements include experience with HTML5, CSS3,  jQuery/jQuery mobile, familiarity with cross browser compatibility and testing, and experience working with UI frameworks/templating.

Back-end and database experience is a plus.


Back-end Developer / Engineer

We are currently seeking a senior developer / engineer. The ideal candidate will have an expertise in the following areas:

  • Building scalable web applications using Python, Django, or similar technologies
  • Setting up and maintaining production environments, including deployment technologies such as Capistrano, Fabric, Puppet or Chef
  • Database experience with RDS/MySQL, MongoDB, Redis, Dynamo, or similar environments
  • Working with, deploying, and administering Amazon Web Services (AWS) products
  • Using the Facebook API for both client-side and server-side applications
  • Unit-testing and Load-testing experience
  • Front-end development technologies including HTML, CSS, jQuery, Ajax is a plus

Additionally, we are most interested in candidates who share our desire to use and build cutting-edge technologies for social good.

Product Manager

We’re looking for a Product Manager to work with our team of engineers and scientists to build analytics products that help social good organizations turn their supporters into influencers and advocates. The Product Manager would:

  • Lead product management for our product portfolio: includes coming up with new product ideas, coordinating development and launch.
  • Establish priorities leading to product development
  • Comes up with ideas for improvement based on client and market feedback
  • Come up with metrics that help improve our products

Ideal Candidates would have :

  • Product management experience
  • Understanding of the technical architecture of  large, scalable web applications
  • Experience developing  products related to analytics, social media
  • Experience with  non-profits is a plus.


Kit Rodolfa to join the White House Digital Team!

Kit Rodolfa, one of the Edgeflip co-founders, will be joining the White House Digital Team this month. We will miss him in Chicago, but are very excited for him and the White House. From getting his Stem Cell research work appear on the cover of the Time Magazine to helping President Obama win the reelection last year and helping start Edgeflip, the obvious next step for him was to be at the White House. We’re sure he will be an invaluable asset  for the country.

Before starting Edgeflip, Kit Rodolfa was the Digital Modeling and Engineering Lead at the Obama Campaign and led many of the campaign’s analytics efforts in digital fundraising and organizing. Kit has a PhD in Molecular and Cell Biology from Harvard University and if that wasn’t enough, also a Masters in Public Policy from Harvard Kennedy School.


What Can Non-Profits Learn From Social Media Targeting Done By The Obama Campaign?

We’ve all been there when designing a social media strategy – post something on Facebook or Twitter and see what happens. Oftentimes, this leads to more questions than answers: Who sees the post? Who gets influenced by it? Am I getting the audience I want? Am I extending my audience or am I hitting the same people over and over? How do I target my social media content and get it front on the right people?  And how do I acquire new people who aren’t directly connected to me? How much is a fan worth? (If you’re really wondering, the answer is it ranges from nothing to not much) How do I convert a fan into something useful? How do I figure out how to do that? Read more…

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